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Tropic Thunder (2008)

Action movie star Tugg Speedman is on the downslide of his professional career. He wants to be considered a serious actor, but his latest serious role as the title character in Simple Jack resulted in negative reviews and ridicule.

Director: Ben Stiller

Writers: Justin Theroux, Ben Stiller

Stars: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr.

Spaceman (2016)

The film doesn't need to have such strong thrust, especially given that part of the fun is meant to be this laid-back hippie type discovering his natural environment outside of corporate professional sports. When the film settles into offbeat sports comedy, it has some great moments, whether they be about being a baseball fan in a country where that sport is a distant second to hockey or how Lee is in many ways the wacky stoner side character who has somehow found his way into a lead role. Maybe the stuff with the Longueuil Senators wouldn't have worked so well stretched to the entire length of a movie, but it leads to some pretty funny short bursts. One thing that works surprisingly well is the casting of Josh Duhamel as Bill Lee. Duhamel has spent much of his career playing blandly handsome folks who seem dull when they're capable and empty when they aren't so bright, and it turns out that a scruffy, self-sabotaging guy who nevertheless has the talent and ego necessary to play big-league ball is just what the doctor ordered - he seems to relish playing weird, really following Lee down a rabbit hole rather than playing quirks off what's expected.

And while there are times when the interplay between Duhamel and W. Earl Brown as the guy who is supposed to be one of Lee's closest confidants seems obligatory, it's too bad that the film doesn't have the time to give Ernie Hudson more to do as the working-class guy who was the star of the team before Lee arrived despite coming at it from the opposite direction - Hudson steals his scenes without much effort, and with a little realignment, the friendship between the guy for whom playing semi-pro ball is escaping his everyday life into a fantasy and theone who has dropped there from a great height could be the soul of the movie.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014)

Actor Riggan Thomson is most famous for his movie role from over twenty years ago of the comic book superhero Birdman in the blockbuster movie of the same name and its two equally popular sequels. His association with the role took over his life, where Birdman is more renowned than Riggan Thomson the actor. Now past middle age, Riggan is trying to establish himself as a true artist by writing, directing, starring in and co-producing with his best friend Jake what is his Broadway debut, an adaptation of

Policegiri (2013)

Policegiri movie is the remake of Tamil movie Sammy.Sanjay Dutt (Rudra) is playing the role of a rough neck cop with a bit of both the bad cop-good cop act which also gives comic touch in his character, whereas Prachi Desai (Sehar) will wear the image of a girl next door and is a software engineer who falls in love with Dutt and marries him.Rudra is a tough and charismatic Deputy Commissioner of police of a small town called Amalapur in Hyderabad.His mission statement is to, clean up the city of the scum of the earth and make sure that the public live in peace undisturbed.Seeing his macho looks, brave heart and honest nature, Sehar an unconventional beauty falls in love with him. But off the record, Rudra adapts a new policy of adjusting with the local goons so that he can serve the people in an effective way.Nagori Subramaniyam (Prakash Raj), is an underworld don(Kingmaker) who has the total control of Southern states, both in politics as well as Rowdyism.

The Bag Man (2014)

A professional shooter gets a new job from his boss. The job is simple to bring him a bag without opening it. But everyone on this town wants that bag. So Jack has to protect the bag and try to carry out his mission. In this city he will meet a lot of people and he will seduced by mysterious woman.

Rough Play (2013)

Rough Play displays the life of Oh Young (Lee Joon), an young cocky actor who plays a lead part on a small play. He constantly goes off script and improvises in which results in destroying the play because the lead actress cant handle it. Oh Young knows he is a good actor and is noticed by manager Kim Jang-Ho (Seo Bum-Suk), who has hit rock bottom and is looking for a comeback. Jang-Ho knows the young actors potential and puts all he has on the line to make Oh Young the next big thing. However, the more famous Oh Young gets, he becomes more and more cocky taking his career and the people close to him for granted. This movie will portray the downfall of a young cocky actor after reaching the top in his career.

Sleepless Fashion (2011)

A Devil Wears Prada comedy and Meryl Streep’s role played by Chinese actor Alan Tam, best-selling 80s pop singer from Hong Kong. Zhou Xiaohui is a rising star in journalism that won professional recognition from Alex and joined Ming Shang Magazine three years ago.