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Alone with Her (2006)

Alone With Her is the harrowing story of a disturbed young mans attempts to win the affections of an unsuspecting young woman. When Doug (Colin Hanks) first sees Amy (Ana Claudia Talanc?n), he instantly falls for her and begins to watch her every move, going so far as to set up spy cameras in her apartment. However, as his fascination grows into obsession hes no longer satisfied with just watching.

Director: Eric Nicholas

Writers: Eric Nicholas

Stars: Ana Claudia Talanc?n, Colin Hanks, Jordana Spiro

The Girl in the Photographs (2015)

A bored young woman in a sleepy community called Spearfish starts receiving photographs of brutally murdered young women. Are they real or staged? The culprit is either a serial killer or some creep with a sick sense of humour.

The Abandoned (2015)

Take a terrifying plunge into the warped mind of a disturbed young woman. Desperate to get her life back on track, the unstable Streak takes a job as a security guard, working the graveyard shift at a once upscale, now abandoned apartment complex. But on her first night on duty, she discovers a horrifying presence lurking deep within the bowels of the decaying building. With her nerves already on edge, Streak must confront demons both real and imagined as she struggles to keep a grip on her sanity.

The Lover (2015)

Drama series depicts the lives of four couples who live in the same apartment complex.nApartment #609: Do-Si (Oh Jung-Se) and Doo-Ri (Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung) have lived together for 2 years. They are not crazy in love, but feel comfortable with each other. Do-Si wants to become a voice actor at a broadcasting station and Doo-Ri works as an trainee reporter at an internet website. She gets pressured by her parents to marry.nApartment #610: Young-Joon (Jung Joon-Young) is a guitarist in a musical group. He lives with Jin-Nyeo (Choi Yeo-Jin). She is 12 years older than him. She runs a side dish store. She sometimes feels she is raising a son rather than living with her boyfriend.nApartment #510: Hwan-Jong (Park Jong-Hwan) and Sul-Eun (Ha Eun-Sul) just began living together. They plan to marry when their new apartment is ready to move in.nApartment #709: Takuya (Takuya Terada) is a world traveller. He spots an add for a roommate and begins to live with Joon-Jae (Lee Jae-Joon). Takuya feels sorry for Joon-Jae, because he doesnt leave the apartment. Takuya tries to get Joon-Jae to things with him. Meanwhile, Joon-Jae at first feels bothered by Takuya, but he begins to change.

Cutting Class (1989)

High school student Paula Carsons affections are being sought after by two of her classmates: Dwight, the bad boy, and Brian, a disturbed young man who has just been released from a mental hospital where he was committed following the suspicious death of his father. Soon after being released, more murders start happening. Is Brian back to his old tricks, or is Dwight just trying to eliminate the competition?

Rosemarys Baby (1968)

A young couple move into an apartment, only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbors and occurrences. When the wife becomes mysteriously pregnant, paranoia over the safety of her unborn child begins to control her life.

Don Juan DeMarco (1994)

Well-respected psychiatrist Dr. Jack Mickler is only 10 days away from his retirement. A week before he is due to leave, he encounters a young man who attempts suicide--would be a pretty straightforward case except the young man claims to be Don Juan, the fabled Spanish nobleman and world renowned seducer/lover of woman.